Chronicles of a Bee Whisperer, cover art by Linda Vachon

Words of Praise for Chronicles of a Bee Whisperer

“Lush yet crackling with energy, reportorial but also surreal, Timothy Stobierski’s poems are full of senses and sounds, felt life and imaginative aspiration. If “the human element,” as he sagely comments, is “in the falling,” these poems nonetheless give us much to encourage us to face life’s obstacles. Chronicles of a Bee Whisperer reveals a young talent already mature in its perspective and truly astonishing in its range of reference and sensation.”—Nicholas Birns, author of Theory After Theory

“Few pleasures compare to reading the work of a former student and hearing the known voice transformed, reinvented by the young poet into something utterly his own. Sinuous in both their lines and their imaginative trajectories, Tim Stobierski’s poems wake the reader with a whisper and entice her with sweet singings and stingings.” —V. Penelope Pelizzon, author of Nostos

“Often I feel, probably as many others do, that I am a stranger to myself, witnessing my own life from afar. And when I do, I am glad that Tim Stobierski writes poetry, and I hope he will continue to. He is a poet of uncommon empathy. The poems in this collection, his first, speak of poverty, premature death, benumbed inhabitants of Connecticut—they speak with gentleness—not anger—they offer a real sort of comfort, an asphalt warmth.”—Darcie Dennigan, author of Madame X

“Tim Stobierski’s stunning poetry debut collection, Chronicles of a Bee Whisperer, uses language in its rich nuances and flavors to both investigate personal experience and to transform it into a highly imaginative art. Gifted with inventiveness, intelligence, and a unique voice, this is a poet I want to read more from in the future.”—Kyle Hemmings, author of The Truth about Onions

“What I loved about this collection of poems was the complexity of what Stobierski writes about… He gives us an offering of life, peeling it and separating it like an orange.”—Kimberly Campbell Moore, reviewer, Sundog Lit 


One response to “Chronicles

  1. Diane

    Tim, this is the first day I’ve looked at this. It’s as gorgeous as your writing.

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