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2012 Pushcart nomination from Emerge Literary Journal for the poem “Pietà”

2012 Pushcart nomination from River Otter Press for my poems “Main Street,” “Pietà,” “A Family Saga,” “Permaculture,” “I Knew Him Long Before He Began to Forget Himself,” and “Baba Ganoush”

Second Place winner of the 2010-2011 Wallace Stevens Poetry Contest for the poem “Falling to Pieces”

First place winner of the 2009-2010 AETNA Creative Non-Fiction writing contest for the essay “He Had Some Tears”



Chronicles of a Bee Whisperer, October 2012. Published by River Otter Press.

Essays and Commentary

Are Your Quality Assurance Processes Ready for Blockchain?” Northeastern University (7/20/2018).

Level Up: 4 Ways to Turn One Money Win Into Many” Grow Magazine (7/9/2018).

Use These 9 Free Legal Templates to Protect Your Business” Northeastern University (6/29/2018).

Communicating with Data: How Data Analysts Can Communicate More Effectively with Team Members” Northeastern University (6/13/2018).

Data Analysis And Project Management: How Analysts Can Benefit From Project Management Techniques” Northeastern University (6/8/2018).

How I Turned My Vices Into $35,000 of SavingsRockstar Finance (6/8/2018). Syndicated, original article on Grow Magazine

What Is the Alternative Minimum Tax?” LearnVest ( ).

Here’s How Tax Brackets Work” LearnVest ( ).

What Is a Security?” LearnVest ( ).

401(k) Basics: When It Was Invented and How It Works” LearnVest ( ).

Should I Keep My Money With One Bank or Many?” LearnVest ( ).

What Causes Volatility in the Markets?” Northwestern Mutual (6/1/2018).

10 cheap, healthy foods you can stock up on” MarketWatch (6/1/2018). Syndicated, original article on Grow Magazine.

Just How Far Can You Stretch One $25 Takeout Order? These 8 Found Out” Grow Magazine (5/25/2018).

How to Cover an Emergency Even When You’re Scraping By” Grow Magazine (5/24/2018).

8 Simple, Tasty Meals You Can Make With Ingredients You Already Have” Grow Magazine (5/23/2018).

$1,282 a Year: How Much Your Bank Account is Really Costing You” Beam Journal (5/16/2018).

Is a Master of Legal Studies Worth It?” Northeastern University (5/15/2018).

Facebook Ads Outed Me To My BossINTO More (5/6/2018).

Cash-Out Refinancing Explained” Credible (5/2/2018).

The Cost of Refinancing Your Home” Credible (5/2/2018).

Connext Student Loan Refinancing Review” Credible (4/30/2018).

Unlike Our Parents, We’re Avoiding Credit Cards—But Is That a Good Idea?Grow Magazine, (4/27/2018).

What Can You Do With A Master’s in Legal Studies Degree?” Northeastern University (4/12/2018).

The One Time It Doesn’t Pay to Manage Your Money Like Buffett” Grow Magazine (3/8/2018).

Try this 2-income strategy and you could retire with millions” MarketWatch (2/13/2018). Syndicated, original article on Grow Magazine. 

The Moment I First Felt ‘Out’ ” INTO More (2/10/2018).

BTC? Ethereum? Ripple? The Lowdown on Popular Cryptocurrencies” Grow Magazine (2/6/2018).

How the ‘Starve and Stack’ Strategy Can Help You Hit Your Money Goals Faster” Grow Magazine (2/5/2018).

I Came Out As Bi And Then Tried To Meet My First Guy on Grindr” INTO More (1/31/2018).

The $180,000 reason you should stop procrastinating” MarketWatch (1/19/2018). Syndicated, original article on Grow Magazine.

I Didn’t Think I Needed an Emergency Fund — Until These Things Happened to Me” LearnVest (1/12/2018).

3 Times Procrastinating Can Cost You Thousands” Grow Magazine (1/4/2018).

Tips for Building a Career In Video Game Development and Design” Northeastern University Graduate Website (11/3/2017).

What’s the Bitcoin Frenzy All About? We Break It Down” Grow Magazine (12/13/2017).

I Went From Ignoring My Student Loan Bills To Paying Them Off Ahead Of Schedule” Forbes (11/22/2017). Syndicated, original article on LearnVest.

I Almost Defaulted on $65K of Student Loans — Now I’m Paying Them Off Ahead of Schedule” LearnVest (11/16/2017).

How interval training improved my finances” MarketWatch (11/6/2017). Syndicated, original article on Grow Magazine.

Even This Thrifty Spender Surprised Himself When He Tracked His Money For One Week” Forbes (11/3/2017). Syndicated, original article on LearnVest.

Is A Master’s Degree in Computer Science Worth the Investment?” Northeastern University Graduate Website (11/3/2017).

I tracked my spending every day for a week — these are the costs that made me cringe” Business Insider (10/29/2017). Syndicated, original article on LearnVest.

I Used Interval Training to Boost My Race Time—and My Income” Grow Magazine (10/27/2017).

How to Pay Down Your Mortgage Faster (And When It’s Not a Good Idea)” Northwest Mutual (10/26/2017).

I Tracked My Spending Every Day for a Week — These Are the Costs That Made Me Cringe” LearnVest (10/24/2017).

How to Pay Down Your Car Loan Wisely” Northwest Mutual (10/18/2017).

How to Start Investing: A Beginner’s Guide” Northwest Mutual (10/17/2017).

The 9 Top-Paying Computer Science Jobs” Northeastern University Graduate Website (10/17/2017).

Why I’m celebrating my zero net worth” MarketWatch (10/11/2017). Syndicated, original article on Grow Magazine.

Citi ThankYou® Premier Card Review” Credible (9/28/2017).

Yes, Having a $0 Net Worth Is Something to Celebrate” Grow Magazine (9/26/2017).

Citi ThankYou® Preferred Card for College Students Review” Credible (9/19/2017).

Citi Simplicity® Card Review” Credible (9/19/2017).

Student Loans 101: What to Know Before You Borrow” Northwest Mutual (9/8/2017).

Why Life Insurance Matters in Estate Planning” Northwest Mutual (9/8/2017).

Here’s Why It Really Pays to Have a High Credit Score” Grow Magazine (9/6/2017).

Chase Freedom Unlimited® Card Review” Credible (8/31/2017).

Chase Freedom® Review” Credible (8/18/2017).

3 Very Good Reasons to Automate Your Student Loan Payments” Grow Magazine (8/1/2017).

The real reason so many millennials still live with their parents” MarketWatch (7/31/17). Syndicated, original article on Grow Magazine.

Are These Basic Money Rules Enough to Keep You Financially Secure?” Grow Magazine (7/19/2017).

The Financial Steps to Take After a Loved One Dies” Northwest Mutual (6/30/2017).

Estate Planning 101: What’s Included in an Estate Plan” Northwest Mutual (6/30/2017).

What Is Asset Allocation? A Beginner’s Guide to Investing” Northwest Mutual (6/30/2017).

What Is a Financial Portfolio?” Northwest Mutual (6/30/2017).

What Training for a Half-Marathon Taught Me About Managing Money” Grow Magazine (6/26/2017).

10 Cheap (and Healthy) Foods that Last a Long Time” Grow Magazine (5/26/2017).

Mid-Year Checkup: How’s That Money Resolution Holding Up?” Grow Magazine (5/18/2017).

The Real Reasons So Many of Us Still Live at Home” Grow Magazine (5/3/2017).

3 Money Bloggers on Saving More, Paying Off Debt—and Aiming for $1 Million” Grow Magazine (5/3/2017).

Yes, We Are Doing Worse Than Our Parents—But We Can Change That” Grow Magazine (3/27/2017).

How Is a Digital Currency Worth More Than Gold?” Grow Magazine (3/17/2017).

All of Your Questions About Employee Stock Options, Answered” The Huffington Post (3/20/2017). Syndicated version of “Employee Stock Options, Explained” originally published by LearnVest.

Your Quick Guide To Understanding Everything About Your Employee Stock Options” Forbes (3/17/2017). Syndicated version of “Employee Stock Options, Explained” originally published by LearnVest. 

Employee Stock Options, Explained” LearnVest (3/16/2017).

10 Meals for $25? Here’s How This Foodie Did It Grow Magazine (1/30/2017).

The Dow Just Hit 20,000. Now What?” Grow Magazine (1/25/2017).

How I Survived Unemployment Without touching My Emergency Fund” Grow Magazine (1/18/2017).

4 Resolutions That Make Us Healthier and Wealthier” Grow Magazine (12/21/2016).

How Much Money Can Your Really Make on Fiverr? I Found Out.Grow Magazine (11/10/2016).

A Simple Investing Strategy That’ll Keep You on TrackGrow Magazine (10/13/2016).

Who’s Afraid of…’The October Effect’?Grow Magazine (10/7/2016).

Here’s All You Need to Finish the Year Strong FinanciallyGrow Magazine (9/14/2016).

Snowball? Avalanche? What’s the Best Way to Pay Off Your Debt?”  Grow Magazine (9/5/2016).

So Your Finances Aren’t as Bad as Everyone Else’s? Don’t Celebrate Just Yet”  Grow Magazine (8/30/2016).

Need some Midweek Motivation? Listen to these 2016 Olympic ChampionsGrow Magazine (8/22/2016).

Run Your Finances Like a BossGrow Magazine (8/9/2016).

Why You Should Prepare Now for a LayoffGrow Magazine (7/12/2016).

Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Opened My LifeThe Hartford Courant (6/26/2016).

Before You Click ‘Buy,’ Ask Yourself These QuestionsGrow Magazine (5/2/2016).

Here’s the Problem with ‘Emergency’  FundsGrow Magazine (3/21/2016).

How I Turned My Vices Into $35,000 of SavingsGrow Magazine (3/4/2016).

My $15,500 Mistake: The Dangers of Sharing CreditGrow Magazine (2/23/2016); pen name Tom Michaels.

What Will Hello Barbie Say When a Kid Tells of Abuse?The Hartford Courant (11/18/2015).

My New American DreamThe Huffington Post, Working Poor Series (3/14/2014).

“How I Quit Writing” The Good Men Project Magazine (5/17/2013).

“While You’re Waiting” Long River Review Online (10/16/2012).

“Congress Finally Gets It Right On Student Loans” The Hartford Courant (7/4/2012).

“Counting Trains” The Good Men Project Magazine (2/6/2012).

“The Paradox” Essay Connections edited by Lynn Z. Bloom. Tenth Edition (2012).

“Daughters, Not Like Sons: John Mayer and Sexism in the Media” The Good Men Project Magazine (1/11/2012).

“You Bette Believe It: Heartbreak in a Macho World” The Good Men Project Magazine (11/30/2011).

“Fat Jokes About Chris Christie Wear Thin” The Hartford Courant (10/19/2011).

“Standard & Poor’s Correct: Congress Showed Instability” The Hartford Courant (8/17/2011).

“Again Left With Questions–Not Closure” The Hartford Courant (5/4/2011).

“He Had Some Tears” The Long River Review (Spring 2010). First place winner of the 2009-2010 AETNA Creative Non-Fiction writing contest.

“Making Hay While the Weather Warms” The Hartford Courant (12/18/2009).

Reviews and Criticism

“Tim Stobierski on What’s this, Bombadier? in H_NGM_N, Issue 14 (4/27/2012).

“ ‘The Whipping Man’ Thrills Audience at The Hartford Stage” in CT Weekender (3/13/2012).

“Fuse Theatre Review: Freedom for ‘The Whipping Man’ ” in The Arts Fuse (3/11/2012).

“Morphing with Every Reading: Tim Stobierski on Darcie Dennigan” in Gently Read Literature (January 2012). Poetry review.

Journalism and Articles

“Ansonia GOP, Once Nonexistent, Takes Four Aldermen Seats” The Valley Independent Sentinel (11/8/2011).

“Getting Intense: The Benefits of Short, High-Energy Workouts” Student Health 101 (6/2011).


“Sita, Cabbage-Patch Devi” and “Mother Migrant” in Snow Jewel, Volume 8 (Winter 2017, print).

I don’t know much of Route 66” in Grey Sparrow (Fall 2015, the final print issue of the journal).

“Miracle of the Loaves and the Fishes” originally published in Chronicles of a Bee Whisperer, in Poetica Magazine’s special Holocaust Edition, 2014.

“Spirit of Rust” in The Connecticut River Review (Summer 2014).

“Poltergeist” and “She sometimes dreams” in The Midwest Quarterly, special all-poetry issue #1 “The Living and the Dead” (Autumn 2013).

“Gastronomica” originally published in Chronicles of a Bee Whisperer, republished in The Write Life Magazine (November 2013).

“Jack loves Jill” originally published in Chronicles of a Bee Whisperer, republished in Eunoia Review (7/11/2013).

“Permaculture” originally published in Chronicles of a Bee Whisperer, republished in Eunoia Review (7/10/2013).

“Unleavened Love” originally published in Chronicles of a Bee Whisperer, republished in Eunoia Review (7/10/2013).

“Baba Ghanoush” in Scissors and Spackle Issue V (February 2012).

“The Golem,” “Main Street” in Emerge Literary Journal Issue 1 (April 2012).

“Pietà” in Emerge Literary Journal Summer Print Issue (May 2012).

“Love Song” and “Sadomasochism” in Stone Highway Review Issue 1.2 (January 2012).

“I knew him long before he began to forget himself” and “Splitting the Lark” in Grey Sparrow (Fall 2011).

“Super Mario Paints Degas” in Wildflower Magazine (September 2011).

“Analgesia” and “Medusa” in Wildflower Magazine (August 2011).

“Falling to Pieces” in The Long River Review (Spring 2011). Second place winner of the 2010-2011 Wallace Stevens Poetry Contest.


“Vive la Révolution” in The Long River Review online (Spring 2009). First place winner of the 2009 Flash Fiction Contest.


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  1. crazypants

    love it 🙂

    • I’d like permission to use some of your comments from your article “Here’s the Problem with Emergency Funds” in a 3-minute eLearning lesson I’m doing on the topic. Please let me know how I can reach you to discuss. Many thanks!

    • tendrecroppes

      @ummqamarblogs — Thanks! Sadomasochism and all of the other poems that I have links to here are in “Chronicles of a Bee Whisperer” so if you like them you should pick up a copy and take a look! Best, Tim

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